Introducing Puppy Classes!

We're excited to announce the latest addition to our training roster designed especially for your new (furry) friend. BushwickK9's puppy classes are will you to help your pup adjust to his or her new home!

Classes will be approximately one hour once a week--with a short break for play time, of course. We'll cover commands like "sit," "come," "stay", "leave it," and "focus( watch me)". Topics of study include leash walking, meeting people and dogs, how to properly interrupt play and what types of play are ok.

Week One: The Basics

Review basic learning theory and learn how to reward calm, good behavior with eye contact. Commands covered include "sit," "down," "watch me," and "look.

Week Two: Settling Down

Discuss house rules and tips while also learning about impulse control. Commands covered include "down with duration," "settle," and "come."

Week Three: Social Cues

Learn how to work with your dog in social situations with other dogs--and humans, too. Topics covered include how to meet and greet other dogs, human jump prevention, walking on a leash and how to address distractions while walking. 

Week Four: Rounding Up

Explore the "come" command in more detail and practice getting your dog's attention from a distance. We'll also spend more time discussing leash walking. Other topics covered include sitting at a distance. 

Week Five: Default Behaviors

Examine the "stay" command and learn to prevent resource guarding, anxiety and reactivity. We'll also review all covered material in our final class--and some play time, too!